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How it Works

Fast | Simple | Secure | Accountable | Confidential | Guaranteed Service Delivery

1. Compare & Choose Your Service

Browse and choose from 400 service providers. Filter by price, turn-around time, experience, location, revisions + 8 other filters

2. Pay for the Chosen Service

Pay through our secure PCI compliant, shopper safe website. We release payment to seller upon successfully service completion confirmation from you.

3. Start Service with Your Pro

Work with your service provider. We monitor progress, manage delivery times and escalations. Seller didn’t complete the work? You get full refund back.

Trusted by people for Transparency, Accountability and Quality

We're built on trust. We hold your payment in Escrow until your service is delivered and you are fully satisfied

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Sarah, Certified Resume Writer

Sarah delivered an exceptional resume on-time and opened a new perspective on how people looked at my resume.

Andrew M, Chief Financial Officer


Jonathan, Career Coach

With the right direction set for my career and timely advise, he ensured I am set-up for success.

Matthew J, SVP Sales

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Why use C-Suite CV Secure Marketplace?

Every year over 8,000 professionals choose from our verified pool of resume writers and career coaches.

Pay When You’re Happy

We hold your payment as escrow and is released to the seller only when you approve

Trust, Confidentiality & Accountability

The independent and individual sellers are vetted and verified. Zero chances of fraud. We’re accountable for your service delivery. We transfer your payment to the seller only upon successful confirmation from you.

24/7 Support

Count on our responsive support 24/7 with a response time of 15 minutes.

Are You a Resume Writer or Career Coach? Apply to Join

Join a community of over 400 resume writer and career coaches. Get access to over 50,000 new candidates every month


Get instant access to high quality candidates

We have build a carefully crafted set of highly skilled resume writers and career coaches. And we are on the lookout for more!

As of June 2024, admission is only for sellers (resume writers and coaches) based in the following countries and regions - United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

Buyers of services from our platform can be based in any part of the world.

For Employers - Career Service Support for Laid Off Employees

Planning to layoff your employees? Add a helping hand with resume writing, interview coaching or career coaching support


Voucher Credits of $200, $500, $1,000 or or any customized amount for your laid off employees.

Your laid off staff could use the credits to get a new resume written, optimize their LinkedIn Profile , get an interview or career coaching. Even a salary negotiation coaching for their next job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions ? Write to info@c-suitecvsecure.com

Who is termed as a seller ?

Anybody who sells or provides a service on a platform is termed as a seller. It could be a resume writer, LinkedIn profile writer, or a coaching service provider.

Do you offer refund?

Yes. In the event that your resume writer did not deliver the agreed service, you will be fully refunded.

Where are you legally headquartered ?

We are a US legal entity and is headquartered in the US.

How are you different from other resume writing companies ?

We are an online market place (like Amazon). We have over 400 resume writers, interview coaches, LinkedIn writers and cover letter writers registered on our platform. You can choose any one of them of your choice.

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